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    Котенок Борис как с рекламы только лучше 4 мес в дар!
    AndrewRox Дата: Вторник, 21.10.2014, 03:13 | Сообщение # 1201
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    Kaepernick's numbers through 10 career starts are the best in the NFL over the past five seasons, at least. No quarterback since 2008 can match Kaepernick in yards per attempt (8.9) or Total QBR (81.2) through his first 10 starts (counting playoffs). That's a strong indication Kaepernick is here to stay.Worst choice: Kentwan Balmer, DL, 2008 first round.
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    An interesting story developed while I was traveling from San Diego on Tuesday. Matt Cassel has been cleared for non-contact work and he will spend the bye-week practices, which start Wednesday, sharing equal repetition time with his backup, Brady Quinn. QuinnCassel Kansas City coach Romeo Crennel said he is giving each an equal shot at being the starter. To me, that means Cassel has the edge.
    The Jaguars are average against the run and the Titans are equipped to emphasize stopping the dangerous Jones-Drew without running too much risk against a middling passing attack. One X-factor that could work in Jacksonville's favor: more end-around and misdirection stuff keyed around rookie receiver Mike Thomas.Look for another big moment from Pierre Garcon: The bulk of the balls are going to be aimed at Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark. But Peyton Manning has cause for having confidence in Garcon, who made big plays for him in Miami and Arizona.
    Fantasy baseball waiver wires will be heating up thanks to the news Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim manager Mike Scioscia announced Tuesday. Scioscia has decided to switch closers from Fernando Rodney to rookie Jordan Walden. Rodney recorded a save in the Angels season opener but on Sunday he couldn't finish the job when his team gave him a two-run lead in the ninth inning against the Kansas City Royals.
    The extra tight end can help in pass protection and the running game, but the tradeoff is having fewer attractive options to make that short passing game work so effectively. I'll touch on this during the weekly "Final Word" entry scheduled to appear at 4 p.m. ET.The chart compares the Cardinals' first 30 snaps against the Giants last season to their first 30 snaps against the Seahawks in Week 6.
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    I locked him down most of the game except those two plays. If I do my technique I am fine. It is nothing he did; it is about execution. The next three weeks don't stack up as especially difficult with games at the Jets, against Buffalo and at San Francisco. But there is no telling what the Jaguars will bring from week to week. One reason for optimism is the team's switch back to the 4-3, which seems a much more natural scheme for many of the players on defense.Things have been pretty good offensively with Maurice Jones-Drew's NFL leading 11 touchdowns and Mike Sims-Walker's emergence as a No.
    We purposely never showed some of the chip blocks he does on defensive ends because he leaves them on the carpet. He just blasts them, literally leaves them out there and getting carted off. So we have to watch out for that besides his great talent of running the football.
    Last week, Baltimore Ravens receiver Derrick Mason called NFL commissioner Roger Goodell "a joke" for wanting players to be tested for human growth hormones. Cromartie Antonio Cromartie said he was all for it, claiming the players who wouldn't be proponents have something to hide.A few days after Cromartie's season ended with the New York Jets, he called league and union leaders "ass-----" for posturing over the collective bargaining agreement. When Seattle Seahawks quarterback Matt Hasselbeck tweeted "Somebody ask Cromartie if he knows what CBA stands for," Cromartie replied to Hasselbeck "I will smash ur face."No surprise, then, that Cromartie reiterated he's a lone wolf when it comes to the NFL Players Association, the decertified union that's now a trade association."I'm my own union," Cromartie told Newark Star-Ledger reporter Jenny Ventras on Monday. "We're a trade association, so I'm my own union.
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    Joe Namath, Brett Favre and Joe Montana all won Super Bowls for their longtime organizations, then finished their careers with other teams. Namath, Montana and Favre share their experiences and tell us some of the things Manning may go through as he begins his time in Denver.Mayne Event: Despite winning two Super Bowls in the past five years, Giants quarterback Eli Manning isn't even the most popular quarterback in New York City. So there's no doubt when the Giants held training camp over the summer in Albany, N.Y., he'd be the toast of the town, right? Wrong! Kenny Manye heads upstate to investigate in this week's Mayne Event.Eye in the Sky: For the first time in NFL history, five rookie quarterbacks will lead their respective teams Week 1.
    Description:A toddler's wonderment of the mysterious world around him. A child's love of fantasy and pretend play. A teenager's compulsive need to prank and party. I hope to provide more concrete answers on this. In the meantime, here are those charts. The first one shows the 49ers' early kickoffs this coming season..
    It wasn't until anarchy consumed the team during Sunday's 31-3 loss to the Green Bay Packers that Wilf finally and reluctantly made the call.If you're a Vikings fan, the one positive you can glean is that your team's owner wasn't willing to indefinitely allow chaos to reign. Childress proved powerless to stop the bleeding, but to be clear, this franchise's problems range far beyond the coach. In the coming months, Wilf will face serious questions about his entire leadership structure, as well as a pending roster overhaul that will almost certainly set back the team in the short term.The Vikings have scheduled a 4 p.m.
    But if the Rams are willing to outbid the 49ers, that could directly influence where Rogers plays in 2012.The Rams are awaiting word from the NFL on bounty-related punishment for Williams stemming from the coordinator's time with the Saints. In the meantime, Williams could make St. Louis an appealing destination for Rogers..
    2 (same)Analysis: The Patriots remain in their usual spot at No. 2. They still trail the defending Super Bowl champion Green Bay Packers, who are roaring with a 7-0 start.
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    DouglasJag Дата: Вторник, 21.10.2014, 03:41 | Сообщение # 1205
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    He should at least be No. 2 on the MVP Watch right now.And Sando's refusal to acknowledge the season Mat McBriar's having for the Dallas Cowboys at punter has raised eyebrows across the league. He's considering a separate list for specialists in 2011..
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    "I know what I'm able to do on the field, but the things I'm able to do to dictate how a defense plays the game, I don't think there's no other receiver but myself and Jerry Rice to be able to do that." In the same interview, Moss also struck a more modest tone when talking about his elusive title. "I don't really know where I rank at, but as long as I get a Super Bowl ring before I leave this game, I think my life and my goal would be complete in the NFL,"Moss said. Owens can say the same. Owens, like Moss, has played in one Super Bowl and lost but owns some gaudy career numbers. Both are headed for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Do you think there are other AFC East omissions? Curtis Martin and Ricky Williams might come to mind, but there's no way either should supplant LaDainian Tomlinson. One obvious name to consider is center Kevin Mawae.
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    Fitzpatrick's streak of games with a touchdown pass ended at 15, three short of Jim Kelly's franchise record.Brady bumps Bernie: Patriots quarterback Tom Brady broke Bernie Kosar's 19-year-old record for consecutive attempts without an interception. Kosar's record was 308 straight. Brady is at 319 and counting.What's with Wes? Midway through the third quarter, possession receiver extraordinaire Wes Welker had three drops and two receptions for 12 yards.
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    Crossword puzzles became popular in a time when entertainment required active participation. In those days, people actually told each other stories rather than turned on the television and even sang songs rather than listened to an MP3. Like entertainment of yesteryear, crossword puzzles require your active participation.
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    I love the game, I love the atmosphere. I love the pick and roll, the no-layup rule and Oakley's Car Wash. The Terps won the national championship in 1953, and have counted the legendary Paul "Bear" Bryant and Jerry Claiborne among their coaches. In the 1980s, Bobby Ross coached the team to several ACC titles, and former Terrapin player Ralph Friedgen returned in 2001 to lead Maryland to the ACC title.
    If he had a major tear, he wouldn't be able to lift his arm that high. Him moving it around and trying to work it out is a good sign. The Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers engage in the NFL's best grudge matches every year. This week, that rivalry could cross over into the NFL draft.The Ravens and the Steelers have similar needs and could be targeting some of the same players.
    Pittsburgh SteelersNational Football LeagueMust avoid the traditional hangover that has hit the Steelers the season following their last three Super Bowl appearances.6. New York JetsNational Football LeagueAfter two straight AFC championship game losses, it's time for the Jets to put up or shut up.7.
    But I'd have no reservations about taking Cruz fairly high in fantasy drafts this year. I think he's legit.. San Francisco's five-game lead in the NFC West is the NFL's largest after eight games since the 49ers opened the 1990 season with an 8-0 record, Elias notes.The Rams, like the 49ers, also have five remaining games against NFC West opponents, but instead of facing themselves, they draw two games against 7-1 San Francisco and only one more against Arizona. They have already faced the Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Green Bay Packers and New Orleans Saints.NFC North teams own three of the five hardest remaining schedules, largely because they must play one another.
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    Posted by Jerseys's Mike Sando RENTON, Wash. -- The Seahawks' decision to trade into the third round to draft Penn State receiver Deon Butler came shortly after other teams selected five receivers in a six-pick span. Butler, 5-foot-10, is a smaller receiver with potential as a returner. He has been durable despite weighing 182 pounds.
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    Dennis Savard Alumni T-ShirtPriceGrabberWear it and you'll spinorama.6. Patrick Kane JerseyPriceGrabberGet on the bandwagon before it storms away.7. Jonathan Toews JerseyThe Captain's jersey belongs in your Blackhawks wardrobe.8. The Jets usually have a good gameplan of how to play New England.Injuries also have to be a concern. The Patriots lost starting tight end Rob Gronkowski to a broken forearm. He is the team's best scoring threat.
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    23Result: L, 27-24 against New EnglandAnalysis: The Dolphins deserve a lot of credit for taking the Patriots to the limit. They gave the Patriots their strongest test in weeks despite having nothing to play for. Miami is proving to be a good destination for a potential head coach.
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    With a year under his belt in Todd Haley's offensive system, Ben Roethlisberger will be much more effective next season. The concerns on defense, as they seem to be every season, are whether this team is too old and whether Troy Polamalu can stay healthy. I think Pittsburgh will find a way to get it done next season.When I hear the question "Can the Steelers bounce back," my response is "Can the Steelers keep Ben Roethlisberger healthy." Roethlisberger is the most valuable player in the AFC North, because the Steelers will fall short of expectations if he's not healthy.
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    Believing that rider's clothing should be a statement of style, identity and self, they worked to produce jerseys that were different. They wanted their clothes to reflect principles of true fashion and classic graphic design, and not to just crank out another crop of jerseys that look just like last year's and the one before that.
    Davis says he has big plans for Dockett. That suggests the Cardinals will remain flexible on defense, even if coaches would prefer a traditional 3-4 in theory.. Young's supporting cast shouldn't change much in 2010. In fact, those pass-catchers -- namely Kenny Britt and Jared Cook -- should be further along in their development.
    5Record: 5-2Comment: The Steelers are in first place in the AFC North for the first time this season and move into the top spot in the Power Rankings for the division. The only debate is whether the Saints, who are also 5-2, should be two spots above Pittsburgh.
    FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- The Seahawks have been plugging holes with mixed results in recent seasons.In 2007, they threw $10.5 million in bonuses at Deon Grant and also signed another veteran free agent, Brian Russell, to address deficiencies at safety.
    That small body also can be useful when operating from a traditional running back position in that he can be difficult to find among all the giant people in front of him.Woodhead is decisive and has a knack for getting into the end zone. He runs very low to the ground and with great leverage, but just isn't built to take a huge pounding, break a lot of tackles or move the pile.Woodhead has become an essential piece of an elite offense and also can help out a great deal on several facets of special teams.
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    The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have struggled against the run most of the year, particularly after losing defensive tackle Gerald McCoy to a season-ending injury.That could be even more of a problem Saturday as the Bucs play the Carolina Panthers with a very thin group of defensive linemen.Defensive tackles Brian Price and Albert Haynesworth have been declared inactive for this game. Price has been dealing with an ankle injury. Haynesworth has been listed with a knee injury, but the fact he's inactive comes as a bit of a surprise.
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    That left Alamar with a list of Flacco, Matt Ryan and Tom Brady. Here's what Alamar had to say at this point:Brady and Ryan require little defense of their early MVP credentials, as each has earned a reputation as an elite QB. Flacco, however, is regularly discussed as an overrated QB who has a great win total due to his defense, not his personal contribution to the Ravens.
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    prodawez_z Я считаю, что Вы ошибаетесь . Давайте обсудим это . Пишите мне в личку , мы будем говорить .

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    Audi A3 Ауди А3

    Страна производитель: Германия
    Audi A3 – первая компактная модель известного немецкого автопроизводителя, пришедшая на смену устаревшему автомобилю Audi 50. Впоследствии компания расширит семейство компактных хэтчбеков-«наследников» 50-й модели за счет Audi A1. В названии этой модели буква «А» означает Audi, а «3» - принадлежность к С-классу по европейской классификации. Разработка данной модели стартовала в 1994 году, когда руководство концерна Volkswagen, в который на тот момент вошла Audi, решило добавить в линейку недостающий автомобиль компактного класса. Тестовые прототипы будущей новинки сооружали на базе глобальной платформы А4 (PQ34), которая затем использовалась для производства таких моделей как Audi TT, Volkswagen Golf и Seat Leon. Дизайн для нового автомобиля разрабатывал известный специалист Питер Шрайер. Мировая премьера серийной версии модели Audi A3 состоялась в 1996 году на автосалоне во Франкфурте. Автомобиль первоначально выпускался в кузове трехдверный хэтчбек, а в 1998 году производитель презентовал пятидверную версию этой модели, которую нарекли Audi A3 Sportback. В 1999 году была представлена «заряженная» версия этой модели Audi S3, которая выпускалась только в трехдверной модификации, имела более мощные двигатели, и отличалась от стандартной иным исполнением экстерьера и интерьера. Как и обычная «тройка», «заряженная» версия имела базовый передний привода, а опционально оснащалась системой полного привода Quattro. В 2000 году все версии модели пережили рестайлинг. Второе поколение Audi A3 в кузове трехдверный хэтчбек было презентовано в 2003 году на автосалоне в Женеве. Дизайн для этого поколения модели создавал уже Вальтер да Сильва, который предложил использовать на всех моделях новой, вертикальной формы решетку радиатора. Автомобиль был построен на новой платформе А5 (PQ35), существенно прибавил в габаритах и оборудовался новыми двигателями и трансмиссиями. В 2004 году появилась пятидверная версия модели, а спустя год – двухдверный кабриолет Audi A3. В 2006 году компания выпустила второе поколение Audi S3, а в 2011 году на рынке появилась самая мощная версия модели – RS3, которая, в отличие от S3. выпускалась в пятидверной версии. Второе поколение модели лишь раз переживало фейслифт – в 2008 году. Третье и последнее на сегодня поколение Audi A3 было презентовано в 2012 году на автосалоне в Женеве. Эта генерация будет выпускаться только в двух кузовах – трех и пятидверный хэтчбек. Помимо стандартных, налажен выпуск и «заряженных» версий S3 RS3. Построена модель на новой платформе MQB.работают шестиступенчатая «механика» либо шести или семиступенчатый «автомат».

    RichardDom Дата: Четверг, 23.10.2014, 11:14 | Сообщение # 1220
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    But there are plenty of other major needs left and the Bucs are holding two second-round picks. Notre Dame receiver Golden Tate seems to be a fan favorite and that could happen, but I can't help but wonder if the Bucs would prefer a bigger receiver. Cornerback also has to be addressed pretty quickly.
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    Here are some thoughts on the Baltimore Ravens' 26-10 victory over the Miami Dolphins:What it means: The Ravens remain in first place in the AFC North and improve to 6-2. They will hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) no matter what happens on Monday night. Baltimore is taking care of business by protecting its home stadium, where the Ravens are 4-0 this season.
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    He rushed for a 1-yard touchdown (the second of his career) in the first half. He also had two critical scrambles on Tampa Bay's final scoring drive and had two runs for first downs on that drive.Freeman was sacked twice, while Painter was sacked four times. One of Painter's sacks resulted in a fumble the Bucs recovered in the first quarter.
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    A lot of guys actually work that way, prepare that way, have priorities that way and have the character to live that way. It's just different. I think this locker room has proven time and time again it's a strong one. But Baltimore showed no signs of a hangover by jumping to a 17-0 lead, which was more than enough to cruise to the victory. The Ravens physically pounded Denver into submission by running the ball well and stopping the run. Baltimore had four rushing touchdowns by three different players: Ray Rice, Willis McGahee and Joe Flacco.What I didn't like: The Ravens' pass defense entered the game No.
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